THE OUTAGE is here!

The Outage_booksI’m so excited to be able to unveil The Outage (published by Banner Repeater), a ghostwritten memoir based entirely on my digital footprint, this Friday evening 27th June. It’s been an intense project for me in many ways and has precipitated a series of crises (not necessarily a bad thing- I started drawing for the first time in 15 years, see example below), which I am going to talk about a little at the launch at Banner Repeater. I mean the crises not the drawings.

I’ll also be reading a short passage from it, as will the writer John A Harrington and then we’ll take some questions- so, do come along if you want to find out more.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then count yourself lucky as I have driven pretty much everyone who would listen insane with talking about the various stages of the book… but anyway, more informatively, here is how my friend described the project in a Facebook chat (it’s intentionally in PR speak, she had asked me how I would describe it in a press blurb and then offered up her version while I was being too dramatic to focus…)

“a ghost written text that draws on the personal and practice-based online activity of its subject, with a view to performing the distance between artwork and artist”

So come along on Friday to hear more! There’s also other new productions being launched:

colocation, time displacement, by Yuri Pattison (paperback, published by Banner Repeater)

Penetrating Squid by Anna Barham (audio presentation from the production reading groups over the exhibition period)

and a new screen print edition by Jesse Darling.


ravings of a half mad woman>> I’m leaving London for a bit so decided to creatively shred bits of stuff I’ve had lying around for ages (or ‘destroying your archive’ as Helen Kaplinsky put it) and then got quite obsessed with it

empties     acid trip





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