Introduction to Doctoral Study

So as I sit down to write tonight the hurricane is battering the trees and my shutters are pounding against the sides of the house. I’m going to try and keep this post light since we all have enough weather people and mayors stressing us out about the storm. In selecting a chapter from Michael Korda’s Making the List, I felt drawn to the sixties for several reasons, but I’ll admit that the primary one was my interest in Jacqueline Susann. I have been a fan of Susann’s particular blend of trash, sentimentality and social commentary since college. My mentor and the co-author of my first book, Barbara Seaman, actually wrote a biography of Susann while taking a break from her usual women’s health topics. As I write this tonight, I sit at the slightly tacky pearl linoleum home bar where Jackie mixed martinis while penning Valley of the…

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